Pilot Burner

Description for Honeywell Q345A1321

Nonprimary-aerated combination pilot burner and ignitor. Used with the S86, S860, S8610, or S8670 in intermittent pilot systems.


Includes pilot burner with bracket, ceramic-insulated Kanthal flame rod/spark igniter and ground strap.
Single tip style.

Description: Pilot Burner for natural gas with a BCR-18 orifice, right single tip style, “B” mounting bracket and non-primary aeration
Type of Gas: Natural
Mounting Bracket: B
Compression Fitting Size: 1/4”
Compression Fitting Length: .78”
Orifice: BCR-18 (0.018 in.)
Direction of Front Tip: (K) Right
Tip Style: Single
Aeration: Non-primary
Leadwire Temp Ratings: Max. at electrode tip: 968 C
Includes: Special mounting bracket with screws to convert “B” bracket to “A” bracket

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