Tanque de Expansion Amtrol 4.4 Gls

Tank Volume: 4.4 Gallons
Warranty: 5-Year Limited Warranty
Diameter (Inches): 11″
Height (Inches): 15.5
Max Accepted Volume: 2.5 Gallons
Application: Heating
Max Pressure (PSI): 100 psi
Thread Type: Male
Max Temp (F): 240°F
Precharged PSI: 12 psi
Thread Size: 1/2″



The Amtrol 30 EXTROL Expansion Tank is designed to be installed in residential and commercial applications and it factory pre-charged to 12 PSIG. Though this expansion tank can be mounted horizontally this can cause a decrease in the products life.


  • For use with closed hydronic heating and cooling systems
  • Factory pre-charged to 12 psig
  • Pre-charge should be adjusted to equal minimum operating pressure at tank location
  • Accepts expanded water as system temperature rises to reduce pressure build-up.
  • System connection sets the point of no pressure change
  • Water-tight reservoir for expanded water
  • Sealed air cushion – factory pre-charged and 100% tested
  • Deep-drawn steel tank
  • Air stem for pre-charge adjustment

**Note: The HydroClaw Expansion Tank Support Bracket provides a safe and reliable option if you prefer to mount your expansion tank. This expansion tank bracket is easy to install and will hold any tank with a diameter of 11″ nominal.