SetPoint 501s, One-stage SetPoint Controller with floor sensor

Application: Heat Only
Stages: 1 Heat
Programmability: Non-Programmable
User Interface: Push Button
Mount: Vertical
Options: Comes with Sensor
Power Method: Hardwired
Voltage: Low voltage
Floor Sensor Compatible: Yes
Color: White
Height: 2-7/8″
Width: 2-7/8″
Depth (Inches): 13/16″
Weight (lbs): 0.54 lbs
Power Supply: 1.5 VA
50/60 Hz
24 VAC +/-10%
Ambient Conditions: <90% RH non-condensing
32 to 122°F
Indoor Use Only
Control: Microprocessor PI Control
Enclosure Type: J
Sensors: NTC Thermistor
10 k ohm @ 77°F
Relays: 24 V (ac) 2 A-Latching
Approvals: CSA C US
Slab/Floor Setting Range: 34 to 122°F



The SetPoint 501s is a single-stage, non-programmable setpoint controller designed to sense air, floor or both temperatures with the ability to select one or the other as the primary sensing point (floor sensor included).