LuxPro Line Voltage

5 – 2 Programmable Outlet Thermostat (Heating & Cooling)



Programmable outlet thermostat allows control of window air conditioning units and portable space heaters. Temperature control adjustable. Plugs into normal 120 volt, 15 amp electrical outlet. ETL listed.
Compatible With Window Air Conditioners – 120 Volt, 15 Amp Plug, or Electric Space Heaters – 120 Volt, 15 Amp Plug, or All Mechanically Controlled Air Conditioners and Space Heaters, or Electronically Controlled Air Conditioners That Have Automatic Restart of Cooling After Power Resumption, or Electronically controlled units can usually be identified by their digital readout. To learn whether a particular model offers automatic resart of cooling or heating after power resumption, refer to their manual or manufacturer