Laars Gas Valve

Valve Type: Single-Stage
Rapid Opening
Capacity (CFH): 1600
Pressure Rating: 1/2 psi
Fuel Type: Natural Gas
Mount: Horizontal
Material: Aluminum
Operating Temp Range: -40 F to +150 F
Voltage: 24v
Size: 1-1/4″
Min Temp (F): -40°F
Max Temp (F): 150°F

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Designed for replacement for V4843/V8843;Gas Valves.
Suitable for use on atmospheric boilers, commercial water heaters, and rooftop heaters.
V4943/V8943B,C,N models are solenoid-operated diaphragm valves that combine the functions of safety shutoff and pressure regulation in a single unit.
V4943/V8943B,N are for use with natural gas.
V4943/V8943C are for use with LP gas.
Valve body of die-cast aluminum with a straight-through pattern.
V4943 are used with line voltage, on/off controllers; V8943 are used with 24 Vac thermostats or controllers;
Valve closes on power failure; recommended for final shutoff service.