5-Loop EP Manifold w/ Flow Meters

Type: Manifold
Number of Outlets: 5
Material: Brass
PEX Size: 3/8″,1/2”,5/8”,5/16”
Supply Thread: R32
Loop Thread: R20
Application: Heating
Fitting System Compatibility: PEX-AL-PEX Compression
PEX Compression
Tubing Compatibility: PEX-AL-PEX
Manifold Compatibility: EP Truflow
Test Pressure (PSI): 145 psi (max water)
100 psi (max air)
Max Flow (GPM): 15.4
Flow Capacity (Cv): 1.35
Max Operating Pressure: 44 psi at 194°F
58 psi at 176°F
72 psi at 158°F
87 psi at 140°F
Height (Inches): 14
Depth (Inches): 2.7″
Features: w/ Visual Flow Meters



Description for Uponor (Wirsbo) A2670501

The Engineered Plastic (EP) Heating Manifold Assemblies feature isolation valves and balancing valves with flow meters, and come fully assembled, ready for installation. The manifolds are available in 2- through 8-loop configurations. The body ends feature R32 unions and the loop outlets have R20 male threads. The manifold mounts on a bracket (A2670006) that comes with the assembly.
For cost-effective, durable, hydronic radiant systems, Uponor now offers the Engineered Plastic (EP) Heating Manifold. This new manifold is comprised of thermoplastic, highperformance, advanced materials suitable for use under conditions of high impact, heat and moisture. Successfully installed throughout Europe for the past five years, Uponor now offers this innovative new product in the United States and Canada.
This strong, durable manifold is made of an advanced engineered plastic, which withstands corrosive environments and is unaffected by the rising cost of metal, making it an economical solution for all radiant projects.
Features and Benefits

Flexible, modular design for expansion in the field

Resists corrosion, pitting, scaling, high chlorine levels and ultraviolet light

Offers cost-effective solution to copper, brass and other metal alternatives

Attached flow meters provide fast, easy balancing for radiant loops

Offers vent and purge capability

Temperature Ratings – 140¦F at 87 psi, 158¦F at 72 psi, 176¦F at 58 psi, 194¦F at 43 psi